Newstead Walks & Wheels

The role of Newstead Walks & Wheels is to develop walking, cycling and wheeling facilities and opportunities within the Newstead area, and to link Newstead to neighbouring towns and/ or places of interest.  We encourage access, wherever feasible, for wheelchair, mobility scooter, pram and pusher users.

Our main focus is to develop and map cycling and walking routes. We are also involved in the planning and delivery of group activities such as walks, cycle rides and skills workshops.

We endeavour to advocate for policy, planning and promotion initiatives to encourage more people to walk and wheel. Newstead Walks & Wheels is an active member of Mount Alexander Cycling.

 We will continue to:

 Promote – Walking, jogging, cycling, wheeling and the health and social benefits for our local community

Deliver – Opportunities for walking, jogging, cycling and wheeling for people of differing abilities

Provide – Mapped walks and rides with opportunities to showcase local environmental and business attractions in the area.