About Mount Alexander Cycling


Mount Alexander Cycling (MAC) brings together cycling groups, and organisations with a strong interest in cycling, in Mount Alexander Shire, to promote cycling and develop cycling infrastructure in the shire. MAC represents cycling interests to Mount Alexander Shire Council, local MPs, Victorian Government departments and government agencies (including VicRoads, Parks Victoria & VicTrack), and other public and private sector bodies. It also works with other cycling organisations (including Bicycle Network), and local residents.


The objectives of Mount Alexander Cycling are to:

  • Promote cycling for commuting, general travel, competition, health, recreation and tourism
  • Ensure there is a range of safe, high-quality and well-maintained cycling facilities in the shire
  • Actively encourage the connectivity of cycling facilities and venues, connectivity with key transport hubs such as railway stations, and with key community facilities
  • Ensure that cycling is considered in all town (& village), recreation and transport plans
  • Ensure that shared-use cycling facilities consider the needs of all users